Juju’s Delivery was founded 2004 in Berlin. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss an idea, work on a project together or just like to see more examples of my work.

Julia Schonlau
Gaudystrasse 13
10437 Berlin

German no +49 (0) 179 32 66 014
Spanish no +34 644 25 01 06

email: mail@jujus-delivery.com
twitter: jujus_delivery

Agency Germany
Upper Orange
+49 178 6121661

Site Design
Diego Cordova

MTV, Smart, Stabilo, Kidrobot, Telekom, Angst
Skateboards, Yummy Industries, Wachi Fichuz,
Fuchs & Gans Catering, Chorion, Aardman, El
Prado, Bundeszentrale für Bildung. Bizarrverlag,
Modern Graphics
Record Labels Autopilot Publishing, Pingipung,
Static Caravan, Morr Music
Bands My Awesome Mixtape, Vanishing Breed,
Sonic Catering Band
T-shirt Labels Threadless, Concrete Hermit,

Frequent Collaboration
Concrete Hermit
Morr Music
Modern Graphics

The Ark, IDN Publishing
Creative Space, Laurence King
Graphic Design, Illustration & Trends, promopress
Postcard, Laurence King
Curvy 4, Yen Magazine
Sushi 9, Art Directors Club Deutschland
The Character Encyclopaedia, Pictoplasma Pub.
Tres Logos, Die Gestalten Verlag
The Dead, the Damned and the Children
of the Revolution, Rojo Editions

Solo Exhibitions
Destroy all Monsters
2009 Rojo@artspace / Barcelona
2009 Rojo@artspace / Milan
2009 Hit Rock Bottom, Apetit Gallery / Bilbao
2008 Tough Cookies ainít Sweet, Concrete Hermit Gallery / London
2007 The Good, the Bad and Everything In Between, Supalife / Berlin
2006 Winners will be Losers, Jagdschloss / Frankfurt/Main
2005 Trash from the 50s, Intro / Barcelona
2005 Take Me To Tokyo Campaign, glue / Berlin
The Dead, the Damned and the Children of the Revolution
2004 Leila M / Berlin
2004 GOTO / Frankfurt/Main
2004 Superkronik / Leipzig

Group Exhibitions (selection)
2009 Christmas Show, Neurotian / Berlin
2009 Homenaje a Cobi, Duduá / Barcelona
2009 Rojo@Ocho, Subaquatica / Madrid
2009 Munnyshow, Modern Graphics / Berlin
2008 BAC 09, CCCB / Barcelona
2008 Postcard Exhibition, Sunshine Studio / Tokyo
2008 The Mix-Up, Limited Gallery / Milano
2007 You say Art, We say Yeah, Gallery Daeppen / Basel
2007 The Traveling Head, FIT / Berlin
2007 Ballpen Show, Cinders Gallery / New York
2007 My2007, Colette / Paris
2006 If you want to hear something just yell, Neurotian / Berlin
2006 Monster Show, Domy Books / Houston
2006 Rojo@smart, Invaliden1 / Berlin
2006 Rojo@smart, KBB / Barcelona
2006 Slipmad, Trust Nobody Gallery / Barcelona
2004 Characters at War, Zentralbüro / Berlin
2004 Music was my first Love, Airport Tempelhof / Berlin